Free Templates Zone

January 14, 2009

Free Templates Zone yet another site on free templates, but here you can find quality free templates collected from all around the web. Here you can get Css Templates, Joomla Templates, Drupal Templates, WordPress Templates and Blogger Templates.

As you can also call it as a gallery site for free templates featuring quality free templates throughout the web.

Free Templates Zone

Free Templates Zone

Css Remix is one of my favorite gallery site so i just took css remix has inspiration for creating free template zone layout and modulated according to blogger.

10 Styled Css Menus For Free Download

December 9, 2008

In Website one of the most important element is navigation, which helps user to navigate your site. That navigation not only helps visitor’s to navigate but also it let them know on which page there are on.

Here are 10 web based css navigation menus for free download, created by me, more css menus available at

Simply Black Horizontal Css Menu

Simply Black Horizontal Css Menu

Smooth Blue Rounded Corner Css Menu

Smooth Blue Rounded Corner Css Menu

Silver Css Menu Large Style

Silver Css Menu Large Style

Glossy Slide Css Menu

Glossy Slide Css Menu

O Colored Vertical Css Menu

O Colored Vertical Css Menu

Black Colored Glosssy Css Menu

Black Colored Glosssy Css Menu

O Shade Brown Css Menu

O Shade Brown Css Menu

Glossy Styled Css Menu

Glossy Styled Css Menu

Simply Green Styled Css Menu

Simply Green Styled Css Menu

Dark Blue Full Lenght Css Menu

Dark Blue Full Lenght Css Menu

All the above css menus are tested in IE6, IE7, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari

leave your suggestions / feedback on this menus ( as comments below

Webdesigninfo Resource Center

June 8, 2008

Webdesigninforesourcecenter just i tried to collect some web design related resources (need to collect more resources) i hope this helps new web designers and save there time too in searching.

First i thought to create for my self but later decided to share with my blog readers so that it may help some of them in collecting webdesign resources.

About Webdesigninforesourcecenter just collection of resources into categories like css,tools,inspiration so on…

if u guys can help me in collecting resources then that would be great…

please leave your comments about this site.

Css Galleries

February 3, 2008

Looking for inspiration for your web site, or you think your site can inspire others then just submit your site or have a look at this galleries/show case sites.

Blogger Showcase





























Css Over Load

January 24, 2008

Without css file you can’t see a web page/site, if css file is huge it makes web site load slow, so what to do?

how to Optimize your css code?

There are various way to Optimize your code, firstly you can do it manually using short hand css properties how every i am not explaining about it because you can get info from this links

if you don’t want to waste your time in modifying your old style sheets you can simply use online css compress tools, it make your work in seconds
check this online css compress tools

Using Css Sprites

CSS sprites allow you to create a single image file that contains all the images laid out in a grid, requiring only a single image and you can show respective image using backgroung-postion property…

For more info

Online Css Sprites Creator

It also displays code for background postion for image for each image.

Will this tips reduce css file size, yes no doubt in it

Note: Don’t forget to validate your style sheet

Basic Seo Tips for Web Designer

December 25, 2007

After designing a layout for a web site, we obviously start converting it into HTML during this session as a web designer we mainly concentrate on cross browser compatibility but we also need to concentrate on some basic seo things like…

1. Using Correct Doctype.

2. Using Meta Content and Meta Keywords.

3. Using Alt tags for Images.

4. Using Valid HTML and CSS code.

5. Make your web site load fast.

1. Why to Use Doctype and what does correct doctype means?

Document type defination(DTD) is also know as Doctype, doctype informs the browser how to interpret the content of the page. If the the doctype is not declared, the browser assumes you don’t know how to code, and goes into quirks mode. If you know what you are doing and include a correct HTML doctype, your page will be rendered in standards mode.

Some Recommended DTDs to use in your Web document.

Use correct doctype, for example your using strict doctype and you use used align in in div tag or in p tag then doctype you used is not correct because align attribute is deprecated in strict doctype.

2. Using Meta Content and Meta Keywords.

Use proper keywords and content relate to your web site, that helps search engine to crawl your web site.

3. Using Alt tags for Images.

Specify alt tag for image and that alt tag should be a keyword related to web site, because images you have placed on site can be seen by visitors but not by search engines, so alt tag help search engines to read, with the help of alt tags search engines display the image results.

4. Using Valid HTML and CSS code.

Validate your html and css code and make your code w3c standard.

validate your html code here

validate your css code here

5. Make your web site load fast.

Don’t mess up your site with heavy images that makes your site heavy and slow, try to optimize images that reduces weight and helps to load fast.

Online Image Optimizer

Free online tool- optimize your gifs, jpg, and png images

Free Web 2.0 Template

December 24, 2007

Download valid XHTML/CSS, web 2.0 template for free and customize as per as your requirements, click here for demo or download here.

Free Valid Web 2.0 Template for Download

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