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I invite ur feed back suggestion, contribution and also invite entries for best web sites of week,day and month selected will be place in the show case on this blog,plz feel free to mail me to

Thnxs For Visiting My Blog Please Add Ur Details In My Guest Book
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15 Responses to Contact Me

  1. san says:

    ur contact us page view is not right in IE6, right or panel width should b less.

  2. hi san,
    thanxs san, now its working fine in iE

  3. omid says:

    hi, i really like ur tutorials and this website , it’s been very usefrul and helpful. i have a question about the css code, u know im trying to find the code for shadow around the page for the right and left borders, do u know how can i create it?

  4. hi omid,
    thanxs and comming to shadow its an image emmbed using css.

  5. Saurabh says:

    Hi Santosh…its a lovely menu style you have created using css and html but iam not able to link both…can u pls tell me what file name css file needs to be given so that i can link it to HTML doc.

  6. Saurabh says:


  7. Josh says:

    I love the new menu tabs. I was wondering if you could email me the psd file. I need to change the red color to match a color used on a friends daughters site. I showed them to her and she loved them but the red wasn’t quite right for us. Thanks so much. I appreciate the work that went into these.

  8. Vinit Kulkarni says:

    Hi ! Thanx for sharing your ideas and help !!! Can you help me to convert my design into
    a wordpress theme ? Is there any tutorial , book available for it ?


  9. nixan says:

    i really loved ur menu style. it suits in almost all my designs,
    can u please help me in design such menus.
    can u send some tutorils on its.

  10. jeff says:


    great work. are you available for some custom web work. please advise



  11. mike says:

    I am learning how to use horezontal and verticle menues in my website. I just dont understand how to save the image to may web host and have it show up in my menue to make the menue look sleek. I have the menue working fine. I jsut dont understand how to get the images into the menue to make it look nice. For example where do I put the into the css code. Or am I supposed to be doing somthing else. thanks for your help . MIke

  12. T says:

    Hey hows it going,

    Is there anyway I could sell templates like these? Is there an affilliate program?


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