Css Over Load

January 24, 2008

Without css file you can’t see a web page/site, if css file is huge it makes web site load slow, so what to do?

how to Optimize your css code?

There are various way to Optimize your code, firstly you can do it manually using short hand css properties how every i am not explaining about it because you can get info from this links



if you don’t want to waste your time in modifying your old style sheets you can simply use online css compress tools, it make your work in seconds
check this online css compress tools






Using Css Sprites

CSS sprites allow you to create a single image file that contains all the images laid out in a grid, requiring only a single image and you can show respective image using backgroung-postion property…

For more info


Online Css Sprites Creator


It also displays code for background postion for image for each image.

Will this tips reduce css file size, yes no doubt in it

Note: Don’t forget to validate your style sheet