Web Site Design Process

September 30, 2007

Web Site Designing if you start in a proper way its an easy task to get exact result if not it end’s up with lot of nonsense’s and waste of time.


1. Understanding Client’s Requirement
2. Plan
3. Implementation
4. Analyze

1. Understanding Client’s Requirement: It’s most important to know what client wants so that you can give him 100%.

What to Know From Client:

a. Color Specification (if he can give).
b. Reference (Any Web Site that made him to make his own site or his business rivalry site).
c. Visitors (try to know what type of visitors he targeted or to whom he is approaching).

2. Plan: The most and main part in this process.

a. Layout: Before you start, first prepare a sketch on paper so that it makes you clear what your going to do for layout ideas you can visit





b. Color Selection: Select Color Schemes that make web site more attractive.
C. Concept: Plan your concept that makes more attractive and effective.
d. Image Selection: Select images according to your concept not unwanted and try to use royalty free images or buy but never violate copyrights.
e. Inspiration: It’s nothing wrong to inspire by other design but make your self clear between inspiration and copying.

3. Implementation: Implement your idea (your paper sketch) neatly and perfectly so that you can get 100% output, some times it may be difficult to impletement your idea exactly what you want or you may be getting nice output more than you expect.

4. Analyze: Before showing to client analyze the site is this the thing you planed, implemented and designed or any thing went wrong in the final result. You can also
take suggestions from other web designer or post to any web design forum to review your design.