Web 2.0

Web 2.0 refers to a second-generation of web-based communities and hosted services – such as social-networking sites, wikis and folksonomies – which aim to facilitate collaboration and sharing between users. It became popular following the first O’Reilly Media Web 2.0 conference in 2004.

Above web 2.0 defination can be get form google/wikipedia but coming to real world web 2.0 designing styles, it doesn’t have no particular defination, but most of them believe and follow this web 2.0 designing styles.

Web 2.0 Designing Style

Simplicity and Central Layout

Simple & Intuitive Navigation

Bigger Text

Rich Surfaces & Reflections Icons

Strong and Bright Colors

for more detail view click here

Web 2.0 Resources


web 2.0 layer styles

Aqua Gloss Icons (you can download psd files too)

Web 2.0 Badges

Web 2.0 Gradients

Gloss Orbs

Website: www.dezinerfolio.com


All templates in this section are FREE, tableless, W3C-compliant web design layouts designed by Template World designers. These templates have been tested and proven compatible with all major browser environments and operating systems.

Here you can get psd files(for free) of the templates you downloaded but you need to mail them, download from here.

website: www.templateworld.com

Web 2.0 Icons

You can download web 2.0 icons for free from here.

website: www.axialis.com

Web 2.0 Menus

styledmenus.comHight Quality Professional Css Menus for Free Download

You can download web 2.0 menus for free from here.

website: webdesigninfo

Check out some cool web 2.0 logos

For more visit wdilogos.freehostia.com

Note all these design features are just for references, and this logos doesn’t reflect any firm or company if it exist then it’s just a coincidence, logos can’t be used with out permission of webdesigninfo.wordpress.com(santosh setty).

6 Responses to Web 2.0

  1. […] web 2.0 logos Check out web 2.0 logos […]

  2. piko says:

    that’s really a cool job u guys did…..thanx a lot…

  3. Bot says:

    hi how to use web logos?

  4. its not for free ? you use photoshop or is there specific program to use?

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